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The Malibu MXZ Tank Boat On Water

We just got some photos from Minnesota Inboard Water Sports of the Tank Boat on the water that we wrapped for them.  We have been so excited to see this boat hit the water.  Seeing this boat on the water sure makes us really happy with the design execution and the way it turned out, just perfect!

Restorating A Boat With A New Wrap

Sometimes when people think of a boat wrap they think of the crazy wild designs, but another purpose for a boat wrap is to update the boat's look with a wrap that looks like the original graphics.  We have done several boats through the years, that have a stock look to them but the customer wanted to change the color or just to restore it to it's original condition.  Here is a picture of the boat we just did for a customer last week.  We just changed the gold color to silver and recreated the original Crestliner graphics.

                        BEFORE                                                         AFTER                                                       

Video of the Jared Allen Boat Unveil


UltimateBowWraps New Boat

Check out our new boat!  We were able to pick up this 2001 Mastercraft Maristar for a good price.  The body wasn't in too great of shape, so it was a perfect candidate for a wrap.  We stripped the graphics off,  they were already starting to peel and chip off so this was a pretty simple task.  Then the hull was washed with JJV's Best to get rid of the yellowing.  We filled in one of the deeper scratches with with bondo, smoothed it out and primed it.  The boat was then cleaned and ready to wrap.  Check out the before and after of the 2001 Maristar.


Patriotic Fish Hawk


We had one happy Military Sgnt. leave yesterday with one heck of a new look for his Crestliner Fish Hawk.  This boat will definitely be the talk of the lake this weekend!



The SUPRA Legacy is rolling out of the shop as we speak with an awesome new look.  There will be no missing this boat when it's on the lake.  Time to make some heads turn!!

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