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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions we get about the boat wrap process.

A good wash is always appreciated, but it isn’t always necessary.. Many times when boats are getting towed down the road they get full of grime and dirt. We power wash the boat and then we wipe down the boat with our second step cleaning mixture and a microfiber cloth. If your hull has algae or any biofouling we would suggest that you clean that before your boat is wrapped.

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The only graphic removal included in the price are the boat registration numbers and registration decals. All other graphic removal is done at an additional charge.

We do our best to save them so you have them for temporary use until you can get a reprint from the local DNR or DMV. If you have new ones when you pick up the boat we certainly can install them for you at no additional charge.

We do offer discounts if clients remove and re-assemble all hardware, ports, trolling motors and any other items that may need to be wrapped around.

We create your registration numbers on your boat as an overlay. If your boat is sold out of state it will get a new registration number and your old ones will be able to be removed. We would also recommend any very personalized touches done to your boat be done as an overlay if you are ever considering selling it.

If you do it right it isn’t too complicated. Wraps are made to be fully removable for approximately 7-8 years, some 10 years with the newer technology. I suggest giving us a call before attempting to do so we can give you tips on how to remove your boat wrap properly. We have gotten calls from clients after they started and made themselves a much bigger mess and more difficult removal process. Under no circumstances would we suggest trying to remove a wrap by pressure washing it off.