How to hire someone to install a boat wrap you purchased from UltimateBoatWraps?

UltimateBoatWraps does have a network of installers:

You can search for 3M Certified installers here:

Using that link, locate Install Shops in your area, if you contact an installer on this list that means they are likely an insured and professional installation company. That does not mean they have experience wrapping boats. We have gotten calls from installers around the world that wrap cars, trucks and have a hard time with wrapping boats. This is where you would want to reach out to them to see how comfortable they are installing boat wraps.

What questions should I ask the installer to help me make a good decision?

  1. Estimated Price?
  2. Are any of your wrap installers certified?
  3. Are you comfortable and familiar with wrapping boats?
  4. Do you remove all the hardware?
  5. Do you install with knifeless tape?
  6. How long will the install take?

Our General Advice

We have experience hiring and working with installers around the USA for our corporate fleet branding installs. The best piece of advice we can give you: if you can, get multiple quotes. You don’t necessarily want to go with the least expensive bid but wrap install pricing can vary greatly.  If you are purchasing your wrap from UltiimateBoatWraps, Jessica would be more than happy to consult with you on your decision on who to hire for your wrap install.  In some areas, you might discover hiring UltimateBoatWraps to come to you might be your best option.  We’ve been  traveling the world to install wraps since 2012!