If you own a business or are doing any type of advertising reading this will help you make more money!

A “Wrap” is the newest and most innovative thing to hit the advertising world in years! Think of a wrap as a full-color mobile billboard. However, a wrap doesn’t have to be only on a car.

Wraps can also be on walls, floors, or just about any surface. Ultimate Boat Wraps and Crow River Signs have wrapped everything from fleets of vehicles to entire business fronts!

Ultimate Boat Wraps and Crow River Signs are leading providers in the wrap industry. There is no better place to get a wrap than from a certified wrap provider.

Why Should You Get a Wrap?

  • Numerous studies indicate that wraps are, dollar for dollar, the single best form of advertising available today. Wraps are unique, innovative, attention-getting, and cost less than all traditional forms of advertising.
  • Did you know that a wrap in 40 times more cost-effective than a standard television ad?
  • As a consumer, think about the last time you actually sat through a television
    commercial. Now, what did you think the last time you saw a quality vehicle wrap? Wraps work for our company 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, and all for a one-time advertising expenditure,
  • Vehicle advertising generates between 30,Ü – 70,0C) daily impressions.
  • One out of three Americans do not read a daily newspaper or watch local TV news broadcasts, but 96% of Americans travel in a vehicle each week as either a driver or a passenger.
  • A vehicle wrap typically costs less than the setup and first two months of a billboard advertisement. And a vehicle wrap typically lasts for 34 years!
  • An advertisement in the Yellow Pages costs up to for a one-year display and
    you’re right next to your competition.
  • Wrapped vehicles not only place messages in front of target consumers, they also provide the opportunity for direct customer contact through coupon distribution, sampling, and other promotional tactics.
  • Vehicle signage garners about 8.4 million impressions in each calendar year.

Why is it important to use a certified wrap installer?

TRUST – UltimateBoatWraps and Crow River Signs are known for their high quality standards, innovative technology, extensive wrap knowledge and design  capabilities. Our lead installer is a 3M preferred installer, who has traveled around the world for our customers. Once you have seen a wrap installed by UltimateBoatWraps and Crow River Signs you will never want to settle for anything less than the Trust the brand the professionals have come to love.

INTEGRITY – Certified wrap installers must go through extensive training, testing, and business background checks to ensure that they are a qualified, insured, and honest company.

QUALITY – You can be guaranteed that you’ve got the best selection of wrap
material and that your materials are fresh which is critical for a quality wrap. The high volume of wraps we do gives us the buying power to save on materials and pass that savings on to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on the application. If you are doing the inside walls Of your business, the wrap could be good indefinitely, on sun exposure. Typical vehicle wraps are good for 3+ years. Floor wraps in high-traffic areas don’t last quite so long because of all the traffic!

There is no more cost-effective advertising method available than wraps. As an example, the cost per impression of a vehicle wrap is significantly less than television, radio, billboards, and yellow pages, In addition, your wrap is working to promote your business 24 hours a day.

All wraps involve three phases. First, we Will get the appropriate measurements, and do a design per your specifications. Second, the graphics will be printed and laminated to protect from abrasion and UV rays. Third, the wrap will be installed on your vehicle, wall, or floor.

This depends on the job. A vehicle, for example, can be wrapped in a day or two. We will give you an estimated time of completion once your concept is complete.

The average nationwide price for a wrap is $10-$14 per square foot of installed product.