Many of our clients want a custom design but some of them have a hard time getting the process started. Here are some helpful tips:

  • First thing to decide is… Do I plan to sell my boat with the wrap on it? If not, go wild and do whatever you heart desires, no rules apply other than you love the wrap.
  • Choose your color scheme. We recommend picking colors that complement the interior of your boat.
  • Going for an updated stock boat wrap design? Find a factory boat design you like, and we can customize it to your colors. This does not have to be the same brand as your boat, we can customize that. (Example: Say you like the look of a Nitro Boat but you have a Crestliner, we can work with that).
    • If you want to add some customized or personal elements to this wrap, we can do that as an overlay, that way if you decide to sell the boat we can remove it and you are back to an updated wrap design.
  • We suggest finding 3 or more wraps that you like something about that wrap. Maybe it’s a design element on one, a color combination on another, and font styles on the other. This will help give our graphic designer a feel of what you like and you are looking for. You are welcome to do this on your own or set up an appointment and our staff can work through this step in the process with you.
  • Have a vision of what you want to see but can’t find anything like it online? Feel free to get out some paper and sketch it up (we won’t judge on your artistic ability, we promise).
  • The more information you can provide us on what you are looking for the quicker and better the design process will go. After you have gotten us the information we need to get started the graphic designer will make their attempt to bring your ideas to life on your new wrap.