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We Buy Ugly Boats


Well maybe not really ugly boats, but we do like to buy boats that need a little bit of fixing up.  One of the things that we have had success with over the years is buying boats that just need a little makeover or have some minor damage and maybe small mechanical fixes.  Others have seen our success with our boat projects so they often ask about it.  We get a lot of compliments on all the boat projects.  Some people come up to us and say oh you are the people with the nice boat I have heard about.  The fun thing is that if they saw the boat when we bought it, they maybe wouldn’t have thought it was ugly but it certainly wouldn’t have drawn compliments or turned any heads. 

Friends and acquaintance reach out to me for advice.  I laugh because I am not sure why they ask, I swear they never listen and they aren’t willing to “buy the ugly boat”.   Just like house flipping you are suppose to buy the ugliest on the block and you also don’t want to over improve the area or in a boat’s case it’s age.  I ask all the questions of what are your goals with buying this boat, what do you plan to do with the boat to give them my honest opinion and experience.  It never fails, I don’t think any of them listen because after they buy the boat they are excited and they often text me pictures and tell me what they want to do with the boat.  I then still have yet to learn my lesson and tell them what is going to give you a good return on your investment and what not to expect a return on.  We love boats, and our family loves boating and there is something so wonderful about bringing a boat back to life and watching the clients fall in love with their boat all over again.  I do think that I am going to start charging for my boat buying advice.  When someone asks me, I really put a lot of time and effort into the conversations.  I can’t say that I have had success with giving anyone advice because they never listen and they always buy the boat that they had in mind before they asked for my advice and then they go and do the things that I warned them they wouldn’t get a good return on investment on and when they go to sell and they aren’t able to sell my phone rings and it’s almost always too late..  I have a good friend that does this for fishing boats, we had a good laugh the other day because he runs into the same exact thing. 


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