2024 Boat Show Special

It’s Boat Show Season and to celebrate we’re running a special until January 31st, 2024!

We know you’ve been thinking about getting a wrap in 2024, so we’ll help…

We will match your down payment to to $500!

This is our largest deal of the year, but you have to act by January 31st. Call us at (320) 234-9727 or contact us here.

Promote Your Business with a Boat Wrap

Your boat can be a floating billboard for your business!

Transform your vessel into a powerful advertising tool by showcasing your business logo or name through a professionally crafted boat wrap. This dynamic marketing option has become increasingly popular among various maritime professionals, including charter boat operators and professional fishermen.

Benefits of Boat Wraps for Business:

  • High Visibility:
    • Your boat travels through different waterways, gaining exposure to a diverse audience.
    • Maximize visibility and brand recognition in both local and tourist-heavy areas.
  • Mobile Advertising:
    • Take your brand wherever your boat goes, effectively reaching potential customers on the move.
    • Tap into new markets and expand your business presence effortlessly.
  • Professional Image:
    • Present a polished and professional image with a custom boat wrap that reflects your brand identity.
    • Stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impression on onlookers.
  • Cost-Effective Marketing:
    • Boat wraps offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising methods.
    • Enjoy continuous exposure without recurring costs, making it a smart long-term investment.

Why Choose UltimateBoatWraps.com:

  • Experience:
    • With over 15 years of experience, we have honed our skills to deliver top-notch boat wraps that exceed expectations.
  • Global Reach:
    • Whether you’re based in Hutchinson, Minnesota, or anywhere worldwide, our team is equipped to handle installations at our shop or on-site at your location.
  • Customized Solutions:
    • We work closely with you to design a wrap that perfectly aligns with your business branding and vision.

Ready to Boost Your Brand on the Water?

Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities of boat wraps for your business. Let us turn your boat into a compelling marketing asset that not only navigates the waters but also commands attention and drives brand awareness.