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AJ Forcier of Recives 3M Certification


We've always known AJ is a very talented installer, we are so lucky to have him lead our great team.  This year as we continue to grow, we decided to put his skills to the test and continue to strive to be the best in the business.  Earning 3M Certification isn't easy, nor is it as simple as purchasing and using their products.  The installers were told before the test began that they have had installers from around the world that have been in the business for years come to take the test and fail.  Locating someone with Preferred Installer status is something many major companies look for when hiring a company to do their graphics.  The 3M Preferred Installer test pushes a persons skills to the limits.  It is a 14 hour test that includes a written exam along with various wrap challenges. 

We'd like to congratulate AJ on becoming a 4 Star 3M Preferred Installer!  AJ joins an elite group of installers to pass the 3M Certification.