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We Buy Ugly Boats


Well maybe not really ugly boats, but we do like to buy boats that need a little bit of fixing up.  One of the things that we have had success with over the years is buying boats that just need a little makeover or have some minor damage and maybe small mechanical fixes.  Others have seen our success with our boat projects so they often ask about it.  We get a lot of compliments on all the boat projects.  Some people come up to us and say oh you are the people with the nice boat I have heard about.  The fun thing is that if they saw the boat when we bought it, they maybe wouldn’t have thought it was ugly but it certainly wouldn’t have drawn compliments or turned any heads. A boat wrap doesn’t just automatically add value.  It’s gotta be the right boat and it’s has to the the right wrap design.

Friends and acquaintance reach out to me for advice.  I laugh because I am not sure why they ask, I swear they never take my advice and they aren’t willing to “buy the ugly boat”.   Just like house flipping you are suppose to buy the ugliest on the block and when you buy,  you also don’t want to over improve the area or in a boat’s case it’s age.  Over the years I’ve learned what improvements bring a good return on investment and what things don’t.  We love boats, and our family loves boating and there is something so wonderful about bringing a boat back to life.  I can’t say that I have had success with giving anyone advice on buying  a good project boat, they seem to listen but they never follow my advice.  I often stick to sport boats because I know the market and a good friend who does the same with fishing boats says the same thing.  Everyone wants to know the secrets of getting a good deal on a boat but no one ever follows the advice.



Memorial Day Sale


We are launching our Malibu and Axis emblem inlay decals with a Memorial Day Sale!  Available exclusively at​​​​​​​  Sale ends May 31st.


Customize your Malibu or Axis boat with our emblem inserts


We have been customizing the Malibu and Axis emblems for a few years and customers just love them, we are excited to introduce to you a DIY install kit available in several colors and patterns.  We currently have templates for 2014 – 2019.  We will be adding Moomba Supra and Mastercraft soon.  Emblem Insert Decals are available exclusively at



Group Boat Wrap Discounts


Did you know offers group discounts?  We do!  We get calls and emails from around the USA weekly and some days internationally of clients looking to learn more about wrapping their boats.  Boat wraps have been our specialty for over the past 14 years.  I know the thought of hiring someone from Minnesota to come wrap your boat sounds expensive, but it isn’t as expensive as you may think, there are times with our travel expenses and wrap install pricing we are less than the local installer who isn’t familiar with wrapping boats.  It isn’t uncommon for us to wrap a boat and a week later a friend of the client we just wrapped for wants to get their boat done too.  By grouping jobs together we can save everyone money.  Most of our clients are excited and ready to get their boat wrapped and on the water so we get them on the schedule, if we are able to save them some money it is just a nice bonus.  If we have others in the area that have expressed interest we usually reach out to them to let them know we will be in their area if they are ready to get their boat wrapped letting them know if we can schedule at the time we are in their area we can save them some money.  If we don’t have anyone in your area on our list to follow up with and time allows we can do some marketing to see if we have others in your area ready to get their boat wrapped.  It does work, for example we went from Boca Roton, FL to Marco Island, FL and then up to Tampa, FL on one install trip to wrap 3 boats.  It save us time and it saves you money.  UltimateBoatWraps might be coming to an area near you, if you are interested in being on our list of locations/clients interested if we have work in the area, let us know.  If you in an area that we are coming to soon, contact us today and lets get you on the schedule.  We would love to wrap your boat for you.   


2018 Top 10 Boat Wrap


Well maybe it’s more than the top 10 of 2018 but we did our best to narrow it down.  Check out the year in review for 2018 in Boat Wraps and there is a couple of truck wraps in the mix and one just really super cool mud truck wrap.  Thank you all for a wonderful 2018!  2019 is starting out with a bang is is going to be another wonderful year of traveling the world wrapping boats, trucks, semi’s and who knows what else.  Maybe it will be the year of wrapping a submarine.  



It's Time to get your Boat Wrap on the Schedule!


2019 is looking like it is going to be another great year for wrapping boats!  Our calendar is booking up fast.  We only have a very limited amount of boat wrap appointments left for December 2018 and January 2019, booking appointments for February and March.  Wrapping boats is what we love to do, lets get yours wrapped!  Contact us today to get the wrap process started.  


Design your very own  Boat Wrap!


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